The World's First Metaverse Land Indirect Investment Project

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Moonnight Punks is the world's first metaverse real estate (Sandbox, Decentraland, etc.)

indirect investment project, the profits of Metaverse real estate investment are distributed to NFT holders.

First, you can invest in expensive metaverse real estate with a small amount of money.

Second, you receive benefits from the rental of metaverse real estate and the increase in value.

Third, it is easy to inflow additional capital (global and middle-aged) with a simple business model, Early holders get more profit.

9,250 PFP NFTs composed of random combinations based on fantasy illustrations

Why Metaverse Land?

If you look at the metaverse, NFT, and blockchain from an investment perspective, what is the most stable asset?

We definitely think of it as Metaverse Land.

First, an asset is a value, and its value is determined by the laws of supply and demand.

This is because the supply of metaverse real estate is limited to some extent.

Second, this is because the most core asset that constitutes the metaverse is the land.

The trading volume for the week between November 22 and 28 last year alone was a whopping 130 billion won.

What if I want to buy and trade metaverse real estate?

With money and little effort, you can simply buy Land NFTs from opensea.

Anyone can do it with a little effort, so it's simple as long as you have money

How to buy Metaverse Land?

However, the size of the money is also a problem, but it has the disadvantage of being tied up for a long period of time and, ironically, the Metaverse,

As the beneficiaries of the NFT market tend to become increasingly monopolized, there may also be situations in which the holder loses money.

So, we reinvest the proceeds of minting into Metaverse real estate, and share the profits to NFT holders. It will be returned.

Holders can invest in expensive metaverse real estate with a small amount of money, With NFT, you receive benefits from renting and increasing the value of Metaverse real estate. Investment proceeds through recruitment and appointment of investment experts in Metaverse Land. It is a new business that first drafted the existing real estate indirect investment method (RITS) to Metaverse Land. As it is easy to attract additional investors, we can provide better benefits to early investors. Because we have no doubts about the size and qualitative growth of the metaverse market, we The revenue structure is also not in doubt.

The advertisement system will be implemented in the purchased Metaverse Land, and the advertiser will be in Moonnight Punks.

Advertisement costs are paid with the issued tokens, and the paid advertising costs are returned to the holders.

The problem with digital ads is that the average exposure time for mobile ads is only 1.7 seconds.

In the United States, where 50% of the mobile screen is held for more than 2 seconds in order to be exposed

59% of mobile web and 40% of in-apps fall short of the criteria. But,

Platform companies such as Google and Facebook are not providing information on the effectiveness of digital advertising.

We attract advertisements for free to advertisers, provide digital advertisement effectiveness information, and provide fair compensation to advertisers.

Advertisement costs will be paid in arrears. This advertising cost will also be returned to the holders as it is.

What Else?

MNP token with healthy tokennomix 

We will continue to develop a token utilization system that provides real benefits to holders.

After the dividend, we plan to operate the NFT incineration system.

Why Moon Night Punks?

Another Opportunity?

​​클레이 민트 민팅

메타버스 부동산 구매

메타버스 플랫폼 회사와 파트너 제휴

전문 투자자 영입 및 선임

투자 수익금 배당 시작

NFT 미경험층 홍보 확대

(중장년층 대상 이벤트)

국내 부동산 업체와 제휴

글로벌 티켓팅 V2 민팅

메타버스 부동산 추가 구매

투자 수익금 배당 시작

배당 후 NFT 소각 시스템 운영

MNP 토큰 발행

광고 시스템 구축

토큰 채굴 시스템 구축

기타 토큰 활용 시스템 개발

We are a professional programmer and software major with 17 years of experience working with K Telecom and C Group. As a designer, a marketing expert who went through the S group, and the original author and background concept artist. This is a project that SAhae, who is active, participated. Based on win-win growth with holders and partners.
We have joined forces to pioneer a new area of   NFT business.

We decided to honestly explain to the holders the reason why we couldn't reveal our identity or face.
We are not a profit-seeking corporation, but created to pioneer new businesses through NFTs.
Because it's a project, some of the developers are working. Currently working concurrently under the employment contract. Although it can not be disclosed due to restrictions, concurrent positions are restricted if NFT projects are recognized as creative activities in the future. Since it is not applicable, we will disclose it.

To prevent rug pull, after minting, a delegation organized by the holders and periodic offline.
Meetings will be promoted, and self-audits will be conducted through the delegation of our project.
The ideology is win-win with partners and holders, and with a simple business model, domestic/overseas NFT
We will contribute to market penetration and popularization.

Moonnight Punks is with the best partners

After NFT minting, do I need to make a separate investment to purchase Metaverse Land?


No separate investment is required. Possessing NFT through NFT minting or purchase is already an indirect investment in Metaverse Land, and you can receive dividends from your investment.


What if Minting is not sold out?


All unminted quantities will be incinerated. In order to attract multiple holders, it is cumbersome, but 1 mint per 1 transaction (Tx) is allowed, and multiple minting is allowed. Minting is scheduled for 3 rounds over 3 days, but if the minting for that round is not completed,

We discussed with Claymint to incinerate the remaining amount. If all minting is not completed on February 9th and February 10th, the unsold portion of Round 2 and the entire volume of Round 3 will be incinerated.


Is there a whitelist?


Currently, we are considering whitelisting for V1, but we plan to provide whitelist benefits to V1 holders in V2.


When and how do I receive dividends?


The timing of dividends is when the rental income of the invested metaverse is accumulated or when a profit is generated from the sale, so it is not flexible or fixed depending on the market conditions. 

However, for the expansion of the project, we plan to implement and allocate the roadmap as soon as possible after minting.


Will I receive a dividend based on how long I have held the NFT?


The timing of the dividend will be announced in advance, and the dividend will be distributed to holders who have NFTs at that time.


 Is there Rarity? If yes, what is the value differentiated by Rarity?


It has the same Rarity as the existing Clay Mint's Puff Friends. However, from the perspective of indirect investment in Metaverse Land, there is no discrimination by Rarity. Both Normal and Mith receive the same dividend. Therefore, Normal or Uncommon after minting There is no need to be disappointed even with me, and you can think of it as a very natural phenomenon for the high weight Normal and Uncommon to appear. However, at the time of V2 issuance, we plan to provide differentiated value to high-ranking holders through white list and airdrop.

In addition, when the token issuance and mining system is completed in the future, additional benefits will be planned for higher-ranking holders at that time. We plan to operate in the direction of providing benefits to high-ranking holders while maintaining the normal-grade floor price as much as possible.


What are the criteria for professional investors in Metaverse Land, and how will they be recruited?


You can expect high returns by purchasing Metaverse Land with high investment value and Land with location. Because there is currently no official certification system for professional investors related to Metaverse real estate, It refers to a consultant who has more experience and understanding of Metaverse real estate than the general public and has professional investment insight. Paid search data and Metaverse platform in the project We plan to provide additional partnerships with companies to further enhance professionalism. Since investment experts receive a certain portion of the investment profits as incentives, there is no profit for the project and no profit for consultants if there is no profit for the holders.


Could you please explain the structure in which the initial holder gets more profit, and if so, isn't it multi-level?


Since we provide NFT holders with an opportunity to distribute profits equally based on the number of years they hold, initial holders receive a dividend for their initial investment and receive a dividend for additionally invested profits after V2. no see.

The multi-step process distributes the funds of the lower-ranking participants to the senior participants even though there is no real profit, and eventually creates many victims when the limit is reached while blocking. 

Our project is not multi-step because it is a case of distributing actual profits through investment in Metaverse Land and advertising system.


The community seems weak, isn't there a problem?


I think the community has something to do with the values ​​of each project. We consider that the time of holders is also an expense, so we refrain from operating only to revitalize the community. However, Discord, Kakao Open Chat Room, and Twitter are being operated for sound criticism for the project and healthy exchange of holders. In the future, rather than events for community revitalization, we plan to focus on delivering real profits by implementing the roadmap and making good investments. However, we plan to flexibly change the community policy if we believe that revitalization of the community is directly beneficial to the interests of holders.


How can I be structurally reliable in my dividend payout?


The simplest method is to escrow and distribute both the NFT minting and investment proceeds. From the initial project planning, we proceeded with the Escrow concept, but we were not able to prepare due to the policy change of the depository institution. We plan to build it by adding it to the roadmap after reviewing it after minting.

Currently, it is not minting itself, and there have been several verification procedures for minting in Clay Mint, so we would appreciate your trust based on this.


What is the ultimate goal of the project?


 Korea's assets by age group are in the order of 50's, 60's and over, 40's, 30's, and under 20's.
 It provides a ladder of wealth with a stable and high rate of return for those in their 20s and 30s, and proposes the simplest and most familiar business model among NFP projects that have come out so far to middle-aged people who are not familiar with NFT. 

I want to be a contributing project. Our philosophy is win-win with holders and partners.